Teachers of stammering children

Secondary school child


Top tips for teachers!

Did you know?

... some children mask their stammer by avoiding speaking and saying less in class

Secondary school child

Top Tips For Teachers Of Secondary School Children

• The Stammering Information Programme short film (click here) raises awareness among all education staff about stammering and how to support the pupil who stammers in school
• Arrange a one-to-one session to acknowledge the problem and to discuss alternative strategies which might be helpful for reducing pressures in areas such as registration, debates, presentations
• Try to be flexible about oral tasks/exams - are there alternatives? Does the task have to be given a time limit? Does it have to be in front of a large group?
• Refer the child to a Speech and Language Therapist if required/requested
• Give them opportunities to talk and give them time to speak 
• Try to use the same eye contact as you would with a fluent student
• Speak in a calm manner and try to appear at ease, rather than rushing
• Resist the temptation to guess the word or to finish the sentence
• Listen to what the child is saying, not how they are talking
• Share information amongst teaching staff, particularly as children transition to a new class
• Keep cover and supply teachers up to date with information too
• Contact the child's Speech and Language Therapist to discuss concerns and ways to manage stammering in class