Teachers of stammering children


Do you have a child in your class who has a stammer? Our short film can help you to know what to do.

Did you know?

... early intervention for stammering is best but therapy can help at any age

Information for Teachers

If you have a child in your class who stammers, you may be unsure of how you can help. If so, you are in the right place. Find out here what you can do to help.  

How You Can Help

Our first piece of advice would be to look at our short film ‘Wait wait I'm not finished...' as this is where children who stammer tell you what they would like you to do. It also comes with Top Tips for supporting children who stammer and suggestion sheets that you can use. Click here for the short film DVD. Don't forget to show the it to new members of staff who join throughout the year!

Comments from school staff about the the short film and its resources:

"Love the pupil planning sheet" (Specific Learning Difficulties outreach worker)
"I have a child in my class who stammers. I will [now] communicate verbally with him more in order to help him the best I can." (Class Teacher)

Useful reading

If you want to know even more about the problem of stammering you could also take a look at our book, 'Stammering: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals'.

Here we have advice and information for teachers about dealing with younger children, primary school children and secondary-aged pupils who stammer.

It would make a good addition to any school library.

Title: Stammering: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Other Professionals
Written by: Rustin, L., Cook, F., Botterill, W., Hughes, C. & Kelman, E.
Published by: David Fulton: London ISBN 1-85346-585-2