Michael Palin Centre

A Message from Michael Palin


Michael Palin, writer and actor, opened the Centre in 1993 and continues to show his determined commitment and support to the work carried out here.

Did you know?

... early intervention for stammering is best but therapy can help at any age

A Message from Michael Palin

"Anyone who knows what it is to stammer either personally or, as in my case, through a loved one's experience, will know the effect it can have on a life. To know what you want to say and be unable to say it is almost intolerably frustrating. All the patience in the world cannot prevent it affecting the self-confidence and self-esteem.

Much of the problem stems from public ignorance of stammering and stammerers and I hope that the raised profile of the Centre will help to change this. But the most important work is to try to alleviate stammering itself and to teach people how best it can be controlled. And what better way to start than with children who stammer?

That is what the Michael Palin Centre is all about. I'm enormously proud of the painstaking, unsensational way in which our therapists, the children and their families go about confronting and dealing with the problem together, as a team. This shared approach has, I'm sure, been the reason why our first eighteen years have been so successful. But the price of success is popularity and we know full well that we just don't have the resources to help all the children who need us.

What we can do, with your support, is to increase those resources whilst continuing to show the world that something can be done for children who stammer. To show that there is hope, that there is another way, that the lifetime of frustration and anxiety which someone like my own father suffered, can, if we all work together, be a thing of the past."