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... early intervention for stammering leads to better clinical outcomes and therefore saves money in the long-term.

The Stammering Information Programme

This resource includes a 10-minute video presentation and additional information about stammering. It has been funded by the DCSF to raise awareness among all education staff about stammering and how to support the pupil who stammers in school.

Short film

View the 10-minute version of the Stammering Information Programme, "Wait, wait, I'm not finished yet".

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Top Tips

Top Tips on supporting kids and teens who stammer, by children who stammer. This is intended as a printable handout to accompany the viewing of the film.

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Suggestions sheets

These sheets, which can be printed out as a pack, give you a range of suggestions to cover different aspects of supporting a pupil who stammers.The ideas come from a study to elicit the views of pupils who stammer, their parents, and school staff. However, every pupil will respond in their own way, and the level of support they need may vary across time.

Ideally they will be used as a basis for teaching staff and pupils who stammer to discuss specific solutions to particular problems. Involving a speech & language therapist in this discussion too is a very good idea.

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Awareness-raising sessions

This is a guide for any SLT or SENCo who wishes to use these resources to run an awareness-raising session about stammering with a team of school staff. It has been devised based on feedback from education staff who held pilot awareness-raising sessions.

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