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Children and young people's voices
Mai at the Stammering Centre


Don’t let the stammering define who you are. Do what you want to do because you want to do it.

Ryan at the Stammering Centre


Always be confident - never say “I can’t” always say “I will”.

Always think positive thoughts and positive things will happen

Oli at the Stammering Centre


On the course I have learned that confidence in yourself is key to successful speech.

Zirak at the Stammering Centre


I have learned that having a positive attitude and a good mental mindset can change your life!

Joseph at the Stammering Centre


I found the course very inspiring and exciting and I found out lots of interesting facts about stammering.

I found out a lot about myself and knowing it’s not just about fluency but lots of other different things as well.

For people who are thinking of going on the course they shouldn’t be scared. They should be excited because everyone is really nice

Chris at the Stammering Centre


When you face your fears, your speech and confidence improves.

This was a great experience and my confidence has improved a lot. Meeting others with a stammer makes you feel more comfortable with yours

Archie at the Stammering Centre


 I learned that you can control a stammer if you set your mind to it and you can accomplish great things if you put the effort into it.

Amir at the Stammering Centre


The two weeks I’ve been here have been amazing. The techniques we’ve learned have been really helpful, also just thinking about the thoughts and feelings  behind stammering has made me a lot more comfortable with my stammer.

Also, meeting other young people who stammer has showed me that I’m not the only one. I definitely recommend this course to anyone who stammers, you’ll make friends here, have a good time and ultimately take the first step towards becoming more fluent.

Pouria at the Stammering Centre


The most important thing I learned in the Michael Palin Centre was teamwork and friendship towards people with the same situation as you.

These two weeks have been a rollercoaster ride but it has been a great two weeks for me and other people. Before the two weeks I struggled talking and I was ashamed of myself. Now I am not, because I learned valuable tools and techniques.

I will always remember it as long as I live.


The past two weeks have been interesting and fun. My speech has improved loads and the techniques have really helped. My confidence has built now, I'm not nervous about speaking. I've created lots of friends and everyone is in touch.


One of the best experiences of my life, I will remember it for the rest of my life. Love all the therapists and the relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. the techniques have really helped my speech.


I really thoroughly enjoyed it, and it helped me and my stammer till it had almost gone! I would recommend this to anyone who has a stammer. I also loved meeting other people from around the world who had a stammer.


This course has been the best two weeks of my life. It's life changing! I'm so confident and happy with my speech.


“I think I’ve changed a lot since the first day I came to see you.  I mean, I’m a lot more laidback about my stutter, I simply let things be. If I happen to block on a word, then I don’t worry about it, because I’ve realised that nine times out of ten, people are focusing more on what you’re saying instead of how you’re trying to say it.”



“When I first came to the MPC my stuttering was really bad.  After a few years my speech is really good. Now I’m not afraid to ask people for something.  Now I talk to my friends without stuttering. I thank all the staff for making my dreams come true”.