Why don't people understand? Why are they so unkind?

Why don't people understand? Why are they so unkind?

Sadly this does happen sometimes.

There is a real lack of understanding amongst people who have no personal experience of stammering. While many people are very thoughtful and helpful and try to do the right thing, at other times people who stammer can be faced with people who are prejudiced and intolerant of communication (and other) problems.

Individuals who stammer are likely to experience times when other people do react in a negative way. Sometimes they may give unhelpful advice, make unkind comments and worst of all, tease or ridicule. While these reactions don't always happen, they will make the individual very self-conscious and will heighten their anxiety about talking.

It is through these unhelpful reactions that 'fears' can develop about speaking, which may become part of the problem. After all, many of us might be worried about being labelled 'nervous', 'stupid' or 'inferior' and would quickly lose confidence if we were.

Furthermore, being told not to worry about what other people think or say, while well meant, is usually very difficult or impossible to put into practice.