Trusts and Foundations


Find out how your Trust can help those individuals who stammer and their families.

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... you can get more ideas on how to help children who stammer by watching this short film.

Trusts and Foundations

Your trust can help us to transform the lives of children who stammer. If you would like any further information on how your Trust can support the Charity's work then we would love to hear from you. You can have a real impact.

Support from charitable trusts and foundations is vital to our continuing work with children and young people. You can choose to support a specific service such as the assessments which are at the heart of the charity's work, or research or group and individual therapy programmes. Alternatively you can make an unrestricted donation which provides us with the flexibility to use the funds to meet the varying individual needs of the children we see.

£800 allows us to provide a child with an expert assessment giving detailed recommendations & advice for subsequent therapy

£10,000 allows us to run 3 Group Therapy Programmes delivering dramatic benefits for 20 stammering children each year.

£25,000 allows us to provide hundreds of children, young people and families with a national advisory service, offering vital advice and support over the telephone.

£80,000 allows us to provide one hundred children with an expert assessment giving recommendations & advice for resulting therapy

£200,000 a significant donation would make a hugely important contribution to the overall funding requirements of the charity and ensure that we continue to transform the lives of children and young people who stammer