Did you know?

... stammering usually begins between 2 and 5 years old at a time when a child's language skills are developing

Therapy Programmes

The team of therapists is trained in a range of treatment approaches; some have been developed at the centre over many years of clinical experience while other approaches have been introduced as necessary.

A specialist centre should be able to offer a number of alternative programmes, as one method of therapy cannot fit everyone.

We believe that parents or other adults close to the child are the key to success in therapy. They are the experts in their child and have a real understanding of the demands and pressures of daily life for their family.

We know that parents don't cause stammering; we also know that parents can have a very positive effect on helping to build their child's confidence and ability to manage the stammer.

It is not possible to go into full detail of all the methods, so the following is an outline of the most typical approaches used.