The Michael Palin Centre offers specialist advice and support, training and supervision to therapists from all over the world.

Did you know?

... stammering usually begins between 2 and 5 years old at a time when a child's language skills are developing

Information for SLTs

In this section, we have information for Speech and Language Therapists about our charity, workshops and research programmes. For our leaflet please click here.


Michael Palin Centre Helpline  Tel: 020 3316 8100

Therapists are encouraged to contact a member of our team to discuss any queries about children and young people that you may have on your caseload. Please click here to watch a small video clip about our helpline.


Referring a child

Please click here if you are concerned about a child or family you are working with and wish to make a referral.  Alternatively if you wish to refer a young person aged 15 - 17 years please click here.  Please call us on the number above if you want to discuss the referral first.

A reminder to therapists that assessments at the Michael Palin Centre are free of charge as they our funded by the charity, Action for Stammering Children (ASC).

Please click here to watch a short video clip about what happens when you come for an assessment at The Michael Palin Centre.


Easter 2017 Intensive Course

There are places available for children who stammer aged 10 to 14 years on the Easter 2017 Intensive Group Therapy Course at the Michael Palin Centre. For more information about how to refer please click here.