Children who stammer


Research is important to the Centre and Action for Stammering Children and there are a number of research programmes currently being conducted.  

Did you know?

... people who stammer are as intelligent as those who don't

The team at the Michael Palin Centre are involved in several different research programmes.


Current Research Projects at MPC:

• development of Palin Parent Rating Scales (PRS). Click here for more information about this study.  Click here to access The Palin PRS.

• factors associated with parents' responses on the Palin PRS. Click here for more information about this study

• effectiveness of an intensive course for teenagers: Single subject studies

• effectiveness of the children's intensive course (10-14 year olds)
             a group study (click here for more information about this study)
             a single subject study

• temperamental characteristics of school-aged children who stammer and their parents. Click here for more information about this study

• anxiety and stammering

• accessing services using telehealth

• efficacy of Palin Parent Child Interaction Therapy

• expectations of therapy and the process of change

If you would like any further information about the Research Programme or any of the studies, please contact our Research Lead, Dr Sharon Millard, at the Centre