Children who stammer



The Michael Palin Centre is dedicated to carrying out research and supporting research into stammering

Did you know?

... lots of famous people stammer, including King George VI and Gareth Gates


The Michael Palin Centre has an active research programme. Research is important to the Centre and Action for Stammering Children and there are a number of research programmes currently being conducted.

Research aim:
• To conduct clinically based research that will lead to improved services for children and young people who stammer

Research focus:
• To evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of services provided

• To establish the need for therapy by:

             - gaining a better understanding of the impact of stammering on children and young people who stammer and their families

             - investigating the cost-benefit of therapeutic interventions for services and society


If you would like any further information about the Research Programme or any of the studies, please contact our Research Lead, Dr Sharon Millard, at the Centre 


11th Oxford Dysfluency Conference - 'Challenge and Change'

20th to 23rd September 2017, St. Catherine's College, Oxford

Conference Chairs:
Sharon Millard, The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering, UK
Shelley B. Brundage, George Washington University, USA

ODC has a reputation as one of the leading international scientific conferences in the field of dysfluency. The conference brings together researchers and clinicians, providing a showcase and forum for discussion and collegial debate about the most current and innovative research and clinical practices. Throughout the history of ODC, the primary aim has been to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.

The conference seeks to promote research that informs management, with interventions that are supported by sound theory and which inform future research.

In 2017, the goal is to encourage discussion and debate that will challenge and enhance our perspectives and understanding of research; the nature of stuttering and / or cluttering; and management across the ages.

To submit your abstract or to register please visit the conference website.


Applications are invited for the Travers Reid Award. This annual award is made in honour of Travers Reid, the co-founder and Life President of Action for Stammering Children, the charity which supports The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children.

This £300 award recognises excellence and innovation from new researchers within the field of stammering. The award is open to any student (full or part time; undergraduate or postgraduate) or qualified speech and language therapist who has completed a research project within the last three years focusing on children or young people who stammer.

Applicants are invited to submit a 500-word abstract, together with a covering letter of recommendation from their supervisor, by 6th November 2015.  Those applicants whose projects are short-listed will be asked to send their full project.  The Award will be presented by Travers Reid and Michael Palin on 15th December 2015.

Applications should be sent by mail or email to:
Alison Nicholas, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist
Whittington Health
The Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children
13-15 Pine Street
London EC1R 0JG


Future Research
Would you like to be involved in research into stammering?
If you are a therapist considering research in the area and would like to talk about your ideas, we would be happy to talk with you. We are especially keen to encourage therapists to conduct single subject studies. It is extremely important that we learn more about the effectiveness of Palin PCI when conducted in different clinical contexts.

If you are a child who stammers, or a parent, we are always keen to hear your views about research into stammering and the therapy that is provided. While resources will limit what we can achieve, we would like to be guided by the opinions of people who stammer and their families, so if you have an idea about an area of research - please let us know!

In addition to giving your opinion about what research we should be conducting, you might also be interested in being part of a research study steering group; helping to develop an idea into a project; be involved in running a project; the analysis of the data collected; or writing articles, so that we can make the results accessible to a wider audience. You don't need any particular knowledge about research, just lots of enthusiasm!

There is also a training course for therapists, ‘Research and its application to clinical practice', to support therapists to develop their knowledge and skills in carrying out research.