Children who stammer


The Palin Parent Rating Scale (PRS) is an online outcome measuring tool used at the Centre for the purposes of assessment and review.

The Palin Parent Rating Scale

Stammering has an impact on both children and parents and so therapy seeks to reduce this impact as well as to help parents feel more confident and knowledgeable about how to manage the stammering. The percentage of speech that is stammered (%SS) is one measure of severity and therapy outcome but it fails to take into account the emotional impact of stammering or its impact on daily communication. Parents have been shown to be reliable in their reports of their children’s behaviours and they have greater knowledge and awareness of the child’s stammering outside the clinical context. The Palin PRS will be used both clinically and in research to:

  • inform clinical decision making regarding whether therapy is required
  • inform about the content or emphasis in therapy
  • measure outcome for individual families
  • measure outcome in group studies

Please click here to access the Palin PRS online for free.  This page will also answer questions such as who completes it, what it does and how to use it.

If you have any queries regarding the questionnaire please do not hesitate to contact the Michael Palin Centre on 0203 316 8100.