Marathon running is becoming increasingly popular - as well as the real personal challenge of completing a 26.2 mile long course, it's an incredible way to raise money.


If you would like to run to raise funds for Action for Stammering Children and you have a Marathon Place, we’d love to hear from you!   

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Ed Balls

Extract from the Daily Telegraph April 2013

In a recent blog posting the Rt Hon Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer wrote: “When I completed my first ever London Marathon last year – at the age of 45, in a time of 5 hours 31 minutes – I thought it would prove to be my last.

“Yes, it was a great feeling running down the Embankment with the crowd cheering, and up the Mall to complete the course. But the euphoria only lasted so long before the pain really set in.

“My whole body ached for days. My left ankle was clearly injured and my right knee – which had seized up at the half-way point and nearly stopped me finishing – was agony to move.

“No surprise, then, that in the days and weeks afterwards, the phrase ‘never again’ was constantly on my lips when I was asked how it had been. Even the prospect of taking part in the Great North Run over half the distance made me shudder.

“And yet, one year on, I’m ready to run the Marathon again. After all, when the charities for whom I ran last year – raising almost £70,000 in the process – asked me if I’d do the same again, I just couldn’t say no.”

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Deborah Wilton

Debbie, whose daughter came to the Michael Palin Centre, explains why she's running the London Marathon:

My eldest daughter Bethany has been helped by a fantastic charity Action for Stammering Children.  They help fund the Michael Palin Centre ( who have helped Bethany with her stammer and are always there if and when she feels that she needs their support. 

As you can see this charity is very close to our hearts and has helped us all as a family in so many ways.  We cannot thank them enough, if by me running the Marathon can help other families I know my challenge will be so worthwhile.

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Oliver Dimsdale

A few words from actor and artistic director, Oliver Dimsdale:

I have always had a stammer. When I was a young boy I could barely say 2 words without stammering. It was a daily struggle to make myself heard by peers and adults. It was a frustrating and often lonely place to be. Often I had so much to say but didn't dare open my mouth as I knew I wouldn't be able to get any words out. Thankfully with the help of a loving family, caring friends, and regular speech therapy I managed years later to fulfil my dream of becoming an actor. I still have a slight stammer even now, it's something that you learn to live with. However without speech therapy as a boy I really don't know where life would have taken me.

Action for Stammering Children does amazing work to help give children the confidence to be heard. I have seen first hand the crucial work they do and am very exicted to be raising money on their behalf.

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Joe Coope

Joe Coope summarises why he's running the London Marathon for Action for Stammering Children:

I am very proud to present some kind words of encouragement I received from one of my favourite actors, I could not have put it any better;

"My experience of playing George VI gave me immense admiration for those who struggle with stammering. I found I stopped focusing on stammering as a problem and was struck instead by the bravery and dignity of those engaged in the battle. They've become heroes to me; people who daily take their courage in their hands to do what others simply take for granted. Getting to know such people - and those whose business it is to help them - has turned out to be one of the great privileges of my life."

Colin Firth.

Wish me luck!!


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