Stammering teenagers

How can I get help?


Where can I find help?

How can I get help?

You may be able to get help from your local Speech and Language Therapist.  You can ask your GP to refer you to one in your area or you may be able to refer yourself directly. Your GP should be able to tell you where the nearest speech and language therapy service is, they are often based in health centres or local hospitals.

If not, the British Stammering Association keeps a register of the services that are available throughout the UK - they will be able to help you.

If you want to come to a specialist centre, such as the Michael Palin Centre, your local speech and language therapist can refer you for an assessment which is paid for by the charity.  In circumstances where there are no local services available, please contact us to discuss further options. 

It is important to talk to someone about the problem if you can. Your parents, a sympathetic teacher or a friend. Don't be too surprised if they don't know much about stammering but with their help you will be encouraged to find out more.


Stammerers Through University Campaign

Please see below for a message from Claire Norman, founder of STUC, the Stammerers Through University Campaign:

"My name's Claire Norman and I'm 24 years old, I founded a campaign called Stammerers Through University Campaign (STUC) for students and staff who stammer, to support them throughout their time at university.

If you are in Sixth Form or College and are struggling with the daunting prospect of going to university with a stammer, then visit my page or send me a message either via the STUC page or and I will do my best to provide support and advice."