We hope you have fun whilst raising money at the same time! Don't forget to tell us about your fundraising acitivity.

Did you know?

... early intervention for stammering is best but therapy can help at any age


javascript:mctmp(0);We are lucky to have the active support of many of the children, young people and parents who have benefited from the special help we provide. Many families have hosted entertaining and fun days which have included auctioning ironing time, washing cars and even one father shaving his legs to help raise money! Children have held cake sales at school and individuals have run marathons and taken part in mini all helps!  

If you're interested in fundraising and need advice on getting started, please get in touch with us here. We're happy to help with your ideas, advise on how to promote your event, and provide vests to wear on the day! 

Please send us an email at or call us at 020 3316 8113 to tell us all about your fundraising ideas.

The following are some useful materials for you to get things started:

Download our fundraising pack here

Download our sponsorship form here

Read about fundraising events that other people have enjoyed doing!

If you're looking for a running event to join in on, take a look at the Running Diary for all UK races large or small happening in 2017!

Charity on eBay

If you are a regular user of eBay or simply having a bit of a clear out, the Charity is now registered on the site. This means that you can sell items on eBay and donate anything from 10% to 100% of the proceeds to help children and young people who stammer. This is a very new development, encouraged by feedback from one of the families whose child benefitted from therapy at the Michael Palin Centre.

If you would like to visit our "page" on eBay, please click here.