Did you know?

... stammering can run in families

7-14 year-olds

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are sometimes recommended for a family. These will be arranged weekly and usually require between 6-10 sessions with regular review appointments. The content of therapy will be related to the needs of the child or teenager and family, but broadly speaking will include: gaining a better insight into stammering; learning some strategies for developing confidence; problem solving and negotiation skills, as well as fluency enhancing strategies.

9-14 Intensive Therapy Courses
Twice a year, in April and October, an average of eight children within this age range take part in a two-week intensive course. The parents and the children work in two parallel groups with regular joint activities. The aim is for both groups to gain a better understanding of stammering, what makes it worse and better, how it differs between individuals and how it varies in certain situations and over time. There is a structured programme of activities to enhance fluency, social communication and problem solving skills. There are group activities, games, discussions, practice sessions and fun times too.

The most important aspect is to help the children and the parents feel more confident in managing the problem more effectively. It is especially helpful for the child to know that his parents have a real understanding of stammering, are sensitive to his individual needs and have a range of ideas for supporting him.

Follow-up group meetings continue for one year in order to maintain progress, and individual sessions are offered when needed.